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Is there any cracked caulk or rust spots on the flashing? Are any of your shingles blistering, buckling, missing, or broken? Is there a mass of moss or any other natural growth? Making repairs incorrectly may increase the likelihood of problems coming back sooner or a reduction in the roof’s life expectancy. 

Roof Replacement Temecula

Semper Solaris tackles every roof replacement with a team of experts.

Not everyone knows how to repair a roof and that's ok. This is a job for professionals. You have to understand the process of repairing roofs, know the materials used, and the problems that can arise. Don't mess with trying to make this a diy project. The roof protects everything in your home and is one of the trickiest and most costly part of the house to deal with. Let a company like Semper Solaris repair your roof so that it will last for years to come.

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